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The 2021-2027 OCHE/BAA West Athens Communication Plan is drawn up on the basis of the corresponding Strategy of the "Attica" Program 2021-2027 and, taking into account the KKD COM(2018) 375, articles 17(3), 35-37 and 41-45, the Committee's Guidelines (Strategic directions for the communication of the Cohesion Policy), the Communication Guide of the ROP 2021-2027, as well as the experience from the corresponding actions of the SUD/I.T.I. West Athens 2014-2020.

The main objective of the Communication Plan is to establish the Publicity-Communication framework of the Spatial and Development Strategy of Western Athens and its Actions/Operations. The Specific Objectives of the Communication Plan are:

  • the valid/immediate information of the potential Beneficiaries about the funding opportunities, conditions and procedures

  • the information of the general and special public (respectively: citizens, businesses, employees and direct beneficiaries of the Actions/Operations as the case may be) about the results, benefits and added value of the OCHE/BAA West Athens 2021-2027 and, by extension , for the achievements of the "Attiki" Program 2021-2027 and its ESET as well as the Cohesion Policy in general.

  • the connection of the SUD/I.T.I. of West Athens 2021-2027 with the individual European, National and Regional Strategies

  • the assurance of maximum transparency regarding the management/implementation of the West Athens 2021-2027 SUD/I.T.I. and confidence in the opportunities provided by the "Attica" Program 2021-2027 and, the EU, in general.

  • the support of the Beneficiaries, so that they effectively communicate their actions based on the prerequisites of the Regulations and the participation of the Commission.

Care will be taken to ensure equal access to information for people with disabilities and/or special difficulties, taking into account the proposals of the ESA

The 2021-2027 SUD/I.T.I. West Athens Communication Plan will be monitored/evaluated on an annual basis, mainly in terms of the achievement of index values ​​but also in the promotion/recognizability of the SUD/I.T.I. West Athens 2021-2027, also utilizing the contribution of the general public of Western Athens, through relevant field surveys, for the implementation of appropriate improvement adjustments.

For the rest, the instructions for the relevant obligations and commitments of the Intermediate Body, as will be described in the Allocation Decision and included in the chapters of the NSRF Communication Guide 2021-2027.

With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union
The actions managed by the Intermediate Management Body of Western Athens are co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds.
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