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The Integrated Territorial Investment (I.T.I.) of West Athens for the P.P. 2021-2027 is the implementation tool of a targeted Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development and Revitalization of the Functional Urban Area of West Athens, especially after the expansion of the Intervention Area to the north and south, updates the Spatial and Development Strategy of the SUD/I.T.I. West of Athens 2014-2020, completing the "mix" of the Main Spatial Strategic Options of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy in West Athens, based on the following Spatial:

the "Development" Spatial Strategic Option,

the "Structural" Spatial Strategic Choice,

the "Smart" Spatial Strategic Choice,

the "Green" Spatial Strategic Option, and

the "Collaborative" Spatial Strategic Choice,

For the update of the SUD/I.T.I. Strategy of West Athens for the P.P. 2021-2027, governance tools and mechanisms are adopted to deal with issues of interoperability of the interventions, the reallocation of public infrastructure and functions, the implementation of emblematic interventions, the highlighting of landmarks, the promotion of the new development identity of Western Athens, the leverage, the promotion of extroversion and the attraction of investments and business activities.

Inter-municipal social networks will continue and expand, while the quality and completeness of social inclusion services will be ensured, through the deepening of social innovation.

Modern, flexible and friendly methods of upgrading and redefining the capabilities of human resources will be promoted, while the continuation of local support mechanisms for the unemployed will be sought, within the framework of the thematic inter-municipal networks.

Main Development Strategy Selection of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUD) of West Athens for the P.P. 2021-2027 remains the strengthening of the "polarity" of West Athens and the restoration of balanced development in the Region of Attica, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the Regional Metropolitanate and repositioning Attica in the European Metropolitan System.

Intervention area

The Area of ​​Intervention of the SUD/I.T.I Strategy of Western Athens is defined as the entire area of ​​the ASDA Member Municipalities and consists of the following Municipalities:

  • Municipality of Agia Varvara

  • Municipality of Agii Anargyri - Kamatero

  • Municipality of Egaleo

  • Municipality of Ilion

  • Municipality of Korydallos

  • Municipality of Peristeri

  • Municipality of Petroupoli

  • Municipality of Fyli

  • Municipality of Chaidari

    Main Spatial Strategic Choice of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUD) for the P.P. 2021-2027 remains the intervention in pockets and in developmental arcs, strings and transverse spatial arrows that interconnect them.
    Practically speaking, there are "pockets" in the expanded intervention area of the SUD/I.T.I. 2021-2027, either with characteristics of development dynamics, or with characteristics of urban and social degradation. In most "pockets", however, increased needs are highlighted to support social cohesion emerge, in combination with the utilization of the possibilities of urban revitalization and business, cultural etc. development activities.
    The specific Main Spatial Strategic Option of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUD) for the P.P. 2021-2027 includes, from a spatial point of view, three categories of intervention sub-areas:

  • areas that enhance the "metropolitanism" of the Intervention Area,

  • "Pockets", either a combination of negative social phenomena and urban degradation, or highlighting opportunities for urban revitalization and development.

  • areas showing similar "functional relationships"

    In these areas, a "mix" of interventions is implemented, capable of mobilizing local social capital, attracting new business activities, contributing to urban and social revitalization and the creation of new and sustainable jobs.

With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union
The actions managed by the Intermediate Management Body of Western Athens are co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds.
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